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Aksana Tanner

Founder | Host | Singer

Music makes this world kinder and brighter! It happened to be, I have tried myself in multiple industries, but always came back to music. I have been singing since I was 8 years old, all the way through years of College and University in Belarus. I cherish memories about vocal studio "Chance" of Valery Damaratski in Vitebsk, BY. Numerous festivals and 2 years of singing in Bahrain with Eternity Band helped me to polish myself as a vocalist. Today, I'm introducing my new creation - Limitless Karaoke. Idea was formed when I came across highly advanced and modern karaoke system Evolution. I love technology and I love music. Evolution system is a perfect mix of both!  I would love to share my absolute and undivided passion for signing with all, who is feeling the same. Not all meant to be celebrities, but we all can enjoy the professional setting and gift our talent to others!


Jane Kalteyeva

Host | Singer
Decades of being in the entertainment industry are more than enough to feel and know what would make the quests happy. Jane is very well known in the Russian-speaking community of Detroit as a talented singer. She hosted many events and became friends with numerous customers she had. I'm delighted to have such a valuable member on the team!
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